Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kennel Break: Doggie Bag

So I get home from a meeting, just after 9pm tonight (gone for about 3.5 hours), open the door, and see something like this:

"Oh, good," I'm thinking. "She didn't climb out this time."

As I open the kennel door to let them out to go potty, Assata stays in the kennel.

"Oh, no!" I thought. I'm hoping she's not sick like Yogi was last week. It's way past dinner time for them and she should be rushing towards the food like Yogi is.

So I get back to the task at hand and proceed to prepare their bowls. As I look over towards their food, this is what I see:
The bag of food open, and laying on the side. (Also notice the ONE kibble on the rug.)

I look over to the other side of the room, towards the kennel, and see this:
Confused, I look around and see a couch pillow on the floor, and then...not one, not two, but THREE piles of what I smelt coming in the door. I totally thought the smell was from the two piles already in the bathroom! (Yes, that's 5 piles waiting for're welcome for sparing you of the pictures.)

So I look over at Assata, now out of the Kennel, and...HOLY CRAP! [pun intended]

Not only did she climb out, play with my slipper, knock down the food bag, OPEN IT, and stuffed her face buffet-style; but she took 3 dumps on the carpet!

AND...she actually climbed back up on top of the kennel, jumped back down into the bathroom and back into the kennel to be with her brother.

Oh wait! There's more!!!!

So after feeding Yogi and taking them both out to 'go potty' (more so for Yogi since Assata had already went 3-5 times!), I'm crackin' up at the situation and getting mentally prepared for doo-doo-duty.

I needed more paper towels, so moved their kennel to get to the closet, and then I see this:
(Relax, that is dog food.) 

Assata Schofield, the Kennel Break genius, not only indulged herself to a plump belly, but she was smuggling food back to the kennel for her brother!!! She must have regurgitated it into the corner and this is what fell through.

Anyhow, how can I be mad at all this? I can't!

I never thought I'd still be in love after dealing with a whole lotta shit.

Look at that GUT!

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